Stafford Services: Advanced Practice Nurses Collaborating in Quality Care.

We provide Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) and Podiatric services to skilled nursing, long term care and assisted living facilities in Northern Ohio. Our multi-specialty clinical care services help you achieve optimal outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions.

Improve Care and Outcomes, Manage Length of Stay, Assist in Reducing Frequency of Hospital Readmissions

We provide day-to-day clinical coverage for a facility's residents in close collaboration with the attending physician. We could help you improve personalized patient care, diagnosis and treatment, as well as clinical outcomes. Our APNs have contributed to the reduction of ER visits, hospital readmissions and facility professional liability.

About Us and Our Services

Stafford Services Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) are licensed as either Nurse Practitioners or Clinical Nurse Specialists with graduate degrees and advanced clinical training. They are nationally certified in their area of specialty and practice.

Our APNs provide preventive and primary care in collaboration with a resident's attending physician. Among the many skills and services they offer:

  • Diagnose, treat and monitor many conditions
  • Assess, monitor, and respond to the patient's status and changes in condition
  • Order diagnostic tests
  • Prescribe certain medications and treatments

Advanced Practice Nurses emphasize resident-centered care that is personalized and comprehensive. Their holistic approach enhances the patient's experience and extends the physician's ability to provide continuous quality care on an ongoing basis. APNs collaborate with physicians and the interdisciplinary team to:

  • Help ensure that the plan of care is implemented and the physician's protocols are followed
  • Serve as a clinical liaison between the physician, patient and interdisciplinary team
  • Educate and counsel patients, families and staff
  • In coordination with the facility and attending physicians work to prevent/reduce the frequency of hospital readmissions
  • Assist facility in properly documenting patients' care and service needs

When conditions permit, we recommend placing a full-time APN in your facility. On-site APNs can visit residents more frequently, monitor status and changes more closely and make timely clinical interventions, reducing unplanned hospital readmissions. As a result, organizations with APNs tend to increase patient satisfaction and reduce cost of care for the facility.

Podiatric Services

We offer Podiatric services for which treatment is considered medically necessary based on patient conditions.

Our on-site Podiatric services provide valuable benefits to both facilities and their residents.

  • Our experienced professionals provide comprehensive Podiatric services which are compliant with all applicable guidelines
  • Consistent foot care provided by the same professional, promoting prevention and early identification of complications
  • On-site diagnostic and therapeutic care

Our comprehensive on-site Podiatric foot care includes:

  • Initial assessment of all residents
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Prevention of infections
  • Prevention of deterioration of tissue resulting in loss of limb
  • Trimming of mycotic (fungal infection) or ingrown nails
  • Treatment of painful calluses and corns
  • Treatment of foot trauma

Our Values, Your Benefits…


We care for a person, not a diagnosis.


We are committed to what we do.


We believe that laughter is strong medicine for the mind and body.


Caring is more than a profession, it is our mission.